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Even the best barometer tells only the current pressure - no more. Knowing the pressure is like knowing the Dow Jones average for any one moment: we really need to know which way it is heading, and how fast.

Barographs are recording barometers. They display the trend (up, steady, or down) and the rate of change. And since changes in pressure generally precede new weather, a barograph can help us "see" what's coming.

For instance, rising pressure most often indicates clearing and cooler; falling pressure usually points to warmer, more cloudy, and possible precipitation. A rapid rise or fall is almost always accompanied by higher winds, and unchanging pressure means continuing conditions and little wind. The crest or trough of a pressure curve most often indicates a change of wind direction.

With these few forecasting tips you can use a barograph as your crystal ball.

ALTITUDE affects your barograph, as well as your barometer. Most instruments will function properly up to 2500', some higher. We are prepared, at no charge, to compensate your barograph for altitude, if possible. Please contact us for advice before making your selection.

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