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Why we love sextants
  • For their role in trade and exploration. For centuries navigators depended on celestial navigation for finding their next landfall. These instruments brought mariners to adventure, to wealth, and home again.
  • For their precision. Most modern sextants, properly adjusted, can put the experienced celestial navigator - assuming no error in timekeeping or computation - within a couple of miles of the actual location.
  • For their simplicity. There are just two moving parts, two mirrors, and a frame with a handle. Everything is bolted together. Easy to understand, easy to clean.
  • For their perfection. There have been some refinements but no major improvements to the general design of the sextant for many years. They are at or near the zenith of their design evolution.
Instruments we offer
  • We offer new Cassens & Plath and Astra IIIB sextants.
  • We also offer a large selection of reconditioned sextants. Some of the instruments shown below may still be available; some have been sold. We specialize in offering Plath sextants and Tamaya sextants, in very good to excellent condition, built in the past few decades. Both are tops in quality. We occasionally have English sextants, U.S. Navy Mk II sextants, and now and then an octant.
  • Since our stock of sextants changes often, please email or call us so that we can send you the most up-to-date listing promptly.
  • For traditionalists we also offer Thomas Walker taffrail logs, both the Excelsior Taffrail Log and the Knotmaster Taffrail Log. Please see these listings under Taffrail Logs (at left).
Why our customers love us
    We are finicky in acquiring pre-owned sextants: we buy the best. And we buy only those which are in at least good condition. Then we overhaul them, making repairs, adjustments, lubrication, and cleaning. And very important, our policy has always been to be fair in pricing. If you wonder if the price is fair, ask yourself the value of the following:
  • Our 30-day money-back guarantee: we insist that you be satisfied with your purchase, or you can return the sextant and we will refund the purchase price. You canít be sure of this with an eBay purchase!
  • Our 50-year reputation for honest representation of all merchandise
  • Our ability to service almost any problem with any sextant, with expert attention and the nationís largest supply of Plath and Tamaya parts
    All instruments listed will not leave our premises until they are in A-1 working order. The instrument will have been cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted. The mirrors will be new, or resilvered and like new. With basic care the instrument will work like new and last for many years.
Celestial Navigation
C. Plath Sextant (Hamburg, 1935)
Sextant #14215

Our Price: 700.00
Tamaya Sextant (Tokyo)

Our Price: 600.00
Weems & Plath Sextant (Hamburg, 1975)
Sextant #60125

Our Price: 950.00
Weems & Plath Sextant (Germany, 1978?)
sextant #60708

Our Price: 900.00
C. Plath Navistar Classic Sextant (Hamburg, 1977)
Sextant #61021

Our Price: 1300.00
Consider the Astra IIIB Deluxe for your best value.

Our Price: Click to See
NEW Cassens & Plath
Highest quality for those who insist on owning the best.

Our Price: Click to See
TI-T89 StarPilot
Navigation Graphing Calculator

Our Price: Click to See
Tamaya MS-2L Sextant (Tokyo, 1978)
Sextant #T2427

Our Price: 700.00

Robert White Instruents

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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