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Tamaya Sextant (Tokyo)
This model is the predecessor to Tamaya’s Jupiter, their best-selling current model. The differences are modest. This has a frame which seems to be a copy of C. Plath’s design, with the truncated triangle in the center of the webbing. The frame is of brass or bronze. The index mirror and traditional split horizon mirror are slightly smaller than those on the Jupiter, but this will not affect its accuracy. The scope is a 7x35 monocular which will be especially advantageous for sights from land of from a large vessel. (If you prefer a 3.5x40 scope we can supply one for $120.) The standard 4 index and 3 horizon shades are provided. Inside the grip is space for a single “D” battery to provide lighting on the arc and micrometer. Graduations on the arc and micrometer are white against black, making for easy reading. Cosmetic condition is excellent, both in the paint, which has no signs of wear, and on the fasteners, whose heads are still bright. Tamaya sextants are always very nicely finished, and this sextant shows excellent manufacture and very good care.

The hardwood box is a dark-honey brown, with finger-jointed corners, and it is in very good condition. There is a leather strap at one end for carrying. Inside there are a screwdriver, 2 ocular shades, 2 spare light bulbs, the 7x35 scope, and original certificate. We cannot decipher the year on the certificate, but if we had to guess we would say the late 1950s or early 1960s. There is a customs document labeled Port Chicago dated 1966.

What matters with sextants made in the modern era, since WWII, is their completeness and condition, not their age. This Tamaya is complete (except for a case key) and in excellent condition. Save money - a lot in fact - and own this for only $750.

Tamaya Sextant (Tokyo) - $600.00

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