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C. Plath Sextant

C. Plath sextant #45432 (Hamburg, 1964).

Note: This model is what would later be labeled the Navistar Classic to distinguish it from the Navistar Traditional and the Navistar Professional. Before the Traditional and Professional models were introduced in the 1980s, there was no need to give the earlier, premium model a special designation.)

This sextant has a bonus feature: an astigmatizer lens fitted to the index shade assembly. The astigmatizer turns a point of light (a star) into a horizontal line. There are two benefits: if you’re not holding the sextant exactly vertical, the line projecting outward from the star image will not line up with the horizon, warning you to correct the angle at which you’re holding the sextant; and second, it may be easier, when the horizon is not very distinct, to bring a “star-line” down to the horizon’s point of tangency than to try to bring down the point of light you see without the astigmatizer. In any case, this special lens, which added considerably ($150?) to the cost of a new C. Plath sextant, is here and available for your use.

Two notes: the 6x30 telescope shown here is no longer available and is not included with this sextant. Also, the included Heuer mechanical stopwatch needs attention to work properly.

The sextant weighs about 4.4 lbs with scope, is painted flat black, has a traditional split horizon mirror, and 4 index and 3 horizon shades. The index and horizon mirrors are in A+ condition. There are black graduations on the polished arc, and black graduations on the white micrometer drum and vernier.

The cosmetic condition is very good or better. Paint is thin or missing on the occasional exposed edge or corner, but these are normal signs of use. The case is black bakelite, strong enough to stand on, and its metal parts (hinge, handles, latches, etc.) are in very good condition. The original certificate is with it. The latch key is missing. A brush and adjusting wrench are included.

A top-quality instrument in fine condition, with an astigmatizer as a bonus. C. Plath #45432 is $1000.

C. Plath Sextant - $900.00

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