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Tamaya sextant (Tokyo, 1965)
This is a rare appearance of an older sextant that we might have passed over, because we are offered so many, but because it is complete and in superb condition we decided to include it in our offerings. It came to us from an old friend, a naval architect, whose father gave it to him years ago. After a couple of ocean races navigating with this instrument, our friend decided to store it, and ultimately to let us help find a new home for it. We believe it was purchased new in 1965 in Copenhagen from Iver C. Weilbach & Co., whose certificate is affixed to the underside of the lid. The frame, with its distinctive “bell” shape in the middle, is painted a medium-dark green with a semi-flat finish. The paint is in excellent condition throughout. The sextant’s weight is about 4.5 lbs.

The polished brass arc and stainless steel fasteners stand out proudly against the green. The horizon mirror is the type which has no clear section: you look past the mirrored part directly at the horizon. Four index and three horizon shades are provided, as well as a superb 4x40 telescope with extremely clear lenses. As with some older sextants, a 12x inverting scope is included, though it will be of no practical use. The handle is hardwood, probably oak. One of the unusual and welcome features is the adjustable rising post. With the scope fitted, the navigator can adjust the height of the scope above the frame with a knurled knob turning a fine-threaded screw. There are black graduations on the polished brass arc and on the white micrometer drum

The sextant comes in its original hardwood box, with finger-jointed corners. It is in very good condition, scuffed up on its surface in several places but structurally tight and sound. A very strong canvas strap acts as the carry handle. Inside the box are the key (the lock works well), a socket adjusting wrench, and one press-fit ocular shade to go on the telescope. The certificate, by the seller in Denmark, is original. The advantages of this particular sextant are very strong construction, excellent condition, and a low price for a fully guaranteed sextant in good working order; You can own Tamaya #609 for just $600

Tamaya sextant (Tokyo, 1965) - $600.00

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