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Digital Thermohygrometers

When the priorities are ease of use, rapid response (results in approx. 60 seconds), and reasonable accuracy, choose one of these three Digital Thermohygrometers. For people working with HVAC, computers, greenhouses, paper products, archival storage, and weather observation, these hand-held instruments are much easier to use than a sling psychrometer. All three offer temperature (range of 14 to 122 degrees F)and humidity, two give dewpoint, and one even has wet bulb temperature. Features common to all three: temperature; humidity; high/low memory; data-hold; automatic turn-off; temp. accu-racy +1F; 2 AAA batteries (included); size: 6 1/2L x 2W x 3/4D; and lift-off cap.

MN880: Color - Gray; Humidity - 5-95; Dewpoint - No; Wetbulb - No
MN880D: Color - Black; Humidity - 0-100%; Dewpoint - Yes; Wetbulb - No
MN990DW: Color - Yellow; Humidity - 0-100%; Dewpoint - Yes; Wetbulb - Yes

Instruments and Accessories

Digital Thermohygrometer Model MN 880 - $79.95
Digital Thermohygrometer Model MN 880D - $94.45
Digital Thermohygrometer Model MN 990DW - $99.95

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Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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