Announcing the closing of most parts of our business

After 55 years, Robert E. White Instruments, Inc. is closing its doors to sales of new and reconditioned instruments.

Our annual publication of the ELDRIDGE TIDE AND PILOT BOOK will continue. Dealers and retail customers, please see new contact information below.

We will continue to service marine sextants, aneroid (non-mercury) barometers, and barographs. Please call us at 617-482-8460 before shipping your instrument.

If you have been purchasing recorder charts, pens, or ink from us, please contact the new source for these items:

Bluewater Books and Charts - Tel. 800-942-2583 - Ask for Scott or Robert
3233 SW 2nd Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315

We wish to thank our many customers for their patronage. It is a source of pride that we have consistently delivered a higher quality of service and of instruments for over half a century.

New contact information for ELDRIDGE:

Phone/fax: 617-449-7393

Address: Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book
18 Overlook Road
Arlington, MA 02474

Make checks payable to: Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book


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Thank you!

Robert E. (Ridge) White, Jr.