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Welcome to Robert E. White Instrument Services.


Owner Robert Eldridge White,  known as Ridge, is a specialist in the service, repair, and calibration of sextants, barometers, and barographs.


Since 1918, when Wilfrid O. White formed the Kelvin & Wilfrid O. White Company in Boston, the White family has specialized in manufacturing and servicing finer nautical and weather instruments. In 1961 Robert E. White Instruments Inc. grew out of the former company, continuing sales and service.

Today Robert E. White Instrument Services maintains the family tradition in the repair, service, and calibration of marine sextants, aneroid barometers, and barographs. We have long had a reputation for quality work and best business practices. Estimates are free, satisfaction is guaranteed, and service can most often be performed in a short time.

You can view us on an episode of Boston's WCVB Chronicle program by clicking on this link:

The White family is also known for the publication of the Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, now in its sixth generation in the family and published for 150 years.

You can reach us at, or by calling 508-359-7467 (note - this is a landline and cannot receive texts).

Ridge White adjusting a sextant in Marblehead






We are always available at

Barograph Supplies:  If you need a new supply of recorder charts, a pen or recorder ink, please contact:

Bluewater Books and Charts (Florida) - 954-763-6533. Ask for Russell.

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