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Recording barometers are rarely in need of maintenance, but occasionally they need attention. If the chart drum is key-wound, as older models are, the clock mechanism inside the drum needs periodic cleaning by a professional. We can handle that for you, and it takes only a few weeks. If your barograph has a battery-powered movement to turn the chart drum and it no longer works, in many cases we can replace it. 

If the pen arm does not seem to respond properly to pressure changes, we can find out why and fix the problem. We have a test chamber for calibrating your barograph.

If you need a new supply of recorder charts, a pen or recorder ink, please contact the new source for these:

Bluewater Books and Charts (Florida) - 954-763-6533. Ask for Russell.

How to ship your instrument - safely!

  1. Pack your instrument carefully. Use an outer carton big enough to allow ample cushioning inside. Crumpled newspaper works very well.

  2. It doesn’t matter whether you choose UPS, FedEx, or Priority Mail. What matters is how well you protect the contents.

  3. Enclose a note with your contact information and any specific questions or instructions.

  4. Ship to: Robert E. White Instrument Services, 62 Washington Street, Marblehead, MA 01945


What happens next:

  1. We receive your package, examine the contents thoroughly, make a list of recommended service and estimated costs, and then we notify you.

  2. You tell us how much you want us to do.

  3. We do what you ask and then contact you to say it’s ready to return to you.

  4. You give us a credit card or send us a check. Within 24 hours of receipt we ship your repaired instrument back to you, by Priority Mail or UPS Ground, with our guarantee of satisfaction.

You can reach us at, or by calling 508-359-7467 (note, this is a landline and cannot receive texts).

When your barograph does this, head for cover!

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